Syngonium ‘Maria Allusion’ – photo coming soon


1 cutting with a little root node stump

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This is the darker variety of pink syngonium that is circulating around. The leaves can go a pinkish burgundy colour. Can tolerate a variety of light levels. What I like about this variety is that it stays small. So you can put it in a medium sized pot and it won’t take over. It continues to look compact and cute. The leaves can change colour depending on the environment as well. I’ve seen it turn green with pink veins in it, dark purpley pinish maroon colour (sorry I have no idea how to describe that colour), and also light green that looks semi variegated. Looks fantastic in my mothers bathroom which I will photograph when I go to her house next. It is placed on a little bench thing on the end of her bathtub near a window that does not get direct sunlight.

Prior knowledge on how to grow plants from cuttings is needed as these do not come with roots and are cut to order! 🙂

If you are adding to you aquatic plants order from Please include your order number in the notes section of your order!

Enjoys a lot of sun, but only introduce it to bright sunlight once the plant has roots and is acclimatised to survive without the “humidity dome”.


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