String of Lemons


Item: 1 cutting approx 6cm+ tall

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I purchased this as a “rare” plant off a succulent collector in 2018. I paid $60 for a tiny little plant. It does grow easily from cuttings which is fantastic! I haven’t seen it in the shops before either. Therefore, I assume it is less common than string of dolphins, watermelons, fishhooks and pearls. It grows at about the same rate as watermelons but a lot slower than dolphins and fishhooks.

I do think this plant looks better when kept short in a pot as opposed to being left to hang over the sides of the pot. I think it suits being upright however you can let it grow over the sides and it will start to hang.

Prior knowledge on how to grow plants from cuttings is needed as these do not come with roots and are cut to order! 🙂

If you are adding to you aquatic plants order from Please include your order number in the notes section of your order!




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